A complete lack of sperm in the semen is known as azoospermia. When a man is diagnosed with azoospermia, doctors must first figure out what the actual source of the problem is. Being diagnosed with does not mean having children is out of the question.

Doctors will need to determine if the testes are simply not producing sperm or if the sperm just isn’t making it to the semen. If the testes are producing the sperm and it simply isn’t making it to the ejaculate due to a blockage in the urethra, there are measures that can be taken to retrieve the sperm prepare it for a sperm injection with IVF.

Other causes of azoospermia could be hormonal problems. The pituitary releases hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce sperm. If the hormone production is decreased or stops then sperm will not be able to complete production.

Sometimes the testicles fail to produce an adequate number of sperm. The sperm could lack the cells that divide to become sperm; the sperm may lack the ability to develop, both of which could be caused by genetic abnormalities.

A dilated vein in the scrotum is called a varicocele. This happens when the blood does not drain properly, causing extra blood to pool around the scrotum. Also affecting sperm production.

Remember that a diagnosis of azoospermia does not mean the possibility of having children is not there. Finding the correct causes and treatment are used to achieve conception.

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