A civilization that has existed for thousands of years can’t be wrong.  Based on the theory of creation and reception or as we know it ying and yang, the backbone of Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture treats patients by the insertion of needles in the body.  Chinese medicine attributes disease to an imbalance of Qi, or ying and yang.    Qi is said to be the flow in and around the body.   Optimal health is a state of balance between ying and yang.   Acupuncture is believed to relieve pain, treat infertility, prevent and treat disease or can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Placing the needles in various pressure points or Qi, is done to improve circulation and reduce stress.  Acupuncture treatment can benefit people who suffer from unexplained fertility, ovulation issues, and recurrent miscarriages.  It can aid with preconception care and low sperm parameters.  By aiding blood flow or increasing circulation to the ovaries and reproductive organs and stabilizing hormone levels, in turn makes healthier eggs and increases the strength of the uterus to hold the eggs full term.

In some situations, it’s the in vitro specialists that are referring patients to acupuncture.   Although there is no concrete evidence, scientists are convinced by the studies currently underway, that it could be a potential remedy. 

The cost is much more efficient as well.  The cost for in-vitro fertilization can cost up to $20 000 per cycle, acupuncture costs anywhere from $30 - $200 per treatment. 

If it works, it could save you more then just exhausted emotions.

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